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Best Slack Communities for Startup Founders 2021

  • Startup Study Group (12000+): Founders, startupers and investors
  • MindTheProduct (42000+): International product community
  • Launch (26000+): Populous group of entrepreneurs, designers and makers
  • Product School (82000+): Part-time product management courses
  • Startup Foundation (7800+): One of the most advanced startup communities. Paid access — $29 one time entry fee
  • Product Manager HQ (7000+): Community focused on product creation and development. Paid access — $25 one time entry fee
  • TechMasters (12000+): Project founders and tech professionals. Place to get an advice on programming and find answers to business questions
  • CreativeTribes (1400+): Startup people to share and discuss tribe-building strategies, experiences and resources. Paid access — $25 one time entry fee
  • People Geeks(13000+):The PeopleGeeks Slack group is for HR , recruitment professionals, and CEOs.
  • NYC Tech(9700+):NYCTech is a Slack account for the New York-based tech community.
  • Creators of Product: (2700+):Creators of Product os a community of PMs, Engineers, Designers, Startup Founders & Business folks learning, sharing and discussing Product Creation.

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