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Please tell me if what I am going to describe is similar to your experiences. You are tired of working your full-time job and you have identified a potentially better opportunity for your career. You want to work for yourself and you think strongly that what you want to build will be the entire revolution in the industry you are active in. You are somehow committed to your own project but still wandering around. Do you really know what’s next?

Every week Potlatch is organizing online AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with founders and product managers in the start-up arena…

Plug and Play

When you consider seeking out Venture Capitalist (VC) investment, what is the first thing you think of?

For some, it’s having the next great concept or product that will change the market forever. For others, it’s the ability to pitch the greatest idea to high-level investors and hoping to land a lucrative investment deal.


Bobo Li is a software engineer from the USA and working in the IT industry since 2010. Bobo graduated from California Institute of Technology in 2010 and after that did his internship at Oracle Corporation and Pixar Animation Studios. In 2010 he joined Oracle Corporation as a Member of the Technical Staff. In 2012, Bobo co-created back-end API of Analyst, a social stock recommendation application in python/Tornado at Chronos Research LLC; he was the founding engineer of Robinhood in 2012 and worked as a software DevOps engineer and infrastructure engineer.


Simon Yi is a growth marketing advisor of Techstars and project director of Tachyon Accelerator. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from University of Michigan, he has vast experience of financial trends in the market as he has been a finance reporter for ten years. He has been serving as financial advisor at several firms, such as GenoPallete, Interseller, and Roundhill Investments. His current venture is focused on a web accelerator relating to blockchain technology. In this conversation, we get into the depths with Simon about the financial markets.

MASAMI haircare

We were so lucky to have executed an AMA session with Lynn Power, the co-Founder & CEO, of MASAMI haircare. Her founder stories extend beyond MASAMI, however. As a serial entrepreneur, Lynn also founded Isle de Nature bee-powered luxury home fragrance, and the HMS Beagle! She positions herself as an advertising executive turned entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging creative thinking to build businesses. She is passionate about helping brands survive and thrive. Throughout her career she has built a strong experience in cultural & business transformation, digital strategy, consumer insights, talent design and marketing modernization.


We were so excited to host Bosky Mukherjee, the founder at PMDojo & Spark To Substance, an ex Atlassian, a fractional executive & product coach. She introduces herself as a Fractional Business, Product and Growth Executive who’s innate passion is in building inclusive teams and products with lasting impacts. As the Founder & CEO of 2 companies — PMDojo & Spark To Substance her life’s mission and passion is to grow and develop the next generation of product managers and product leaders.

Y Combinator

It’s not easy to get into an accelerator. Most give out only a few spots for the hundreds of thousands of applications that they receive each year. If you are lucky enough to be one of the few founders selected, partnering with an accelerator can mean an increase in your startup’s chances of success.

Ram Almog is co-founder and CEO of Red Interactive Design creating creative digital designs and interactive media solutions.

He has a long and diverse experience in product management. He has been working as a teacher, product creator, and manager for the last twenty-three years. He has more than six years of experience as CEO of the To-Be-Education platform, which teachers and publishers used for transforming their content in role-playing for better instruction methods. Ram also created Mindri, an innovative start-up that developed integrated products to aid students with intellectual disabilities and improve cognitive skills. He worked for five years at…


Joshua Herzig-Marx is a startup founder and loves to establish products and organizations. Today he is serving as the head of product at Brigit since September 2020.

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Building’s Alexey Dubov Shares The Key Startup Advice He’d Give A New Founder

Alexey Dubov is an experienced founder who has spent his career in the startup world, and he knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

As an accomplished innovator, entrepreneur, and executive, Dubov has the experience necessary to help new founders learn how to maximize their efforts. He is the COO and Co-founder of Mighty Buildings — a company using innovative 3D-printing technology, advanced materials, and robotics automation to create beautiful homes that are affordable and sustainable.

In an exclusive interview with Potlatch members, Alexey…

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